Fundraising Tips

12 Promises to Make to Your Donors for Maximum Impact and Ongoing Support

Looking to boost your nonprofit’s funding potential and retain donors? Here are 12 “pinkie promises” you need to make to your supporters: Promise transparency, impact, accountability, recognition, stewardship, communication, collaboration, innovation, empowerment, sustainability, recognition, and gratitude.

Keep these promises by being open, tracking progress, establishing strong internal controls, acknowledging donors, using donations efficiently, providing updates, seeking partnerships, being adaptive, empowering individuals, setting long-term goals, expressing appreciation, and staying in touch.

By making and keeping these promises, your nonprofit can secure long-term support and build lasting relationships with donors.

We’ll post a downloadable white paper on this topic soon that you can download for free and share with other members of your nonprofit to brainstorm ways you can apply these ideas for improved fundraising success.




* Research by OpenAI with editing/formatting by staff. Image provided courtesy of Andrew Petrov on Unsplash