6 Techniques Uncommon Nonprofit Fundraisers Use Which Push Them On Toward Success

Image with copy, reading: Failure is never finalSuccess is a goal that every nonprofit organization wants to achieve. However, it’s not always easy to figure out how to get there. The good news is that there are some techniques that uncommon nonprofit fundraisers use to push them toward success. Here are six of those techniques that you can use to take your nonprofit organization to the next level.

Offer Just a Little Bit More
Uncommon nonprofit fundraisers always want to give their best. They strive to find a little bit extra that can push them over the top when working or playing. They look for ways to give their supporters just a little bit more satisfaction than they expected. They also go out of their way to build relationships with their supporters.

Add in Some Encouragement
Uncommon nonprofit fundraisers look for ways to build up their supporters rather than tear them down. By being a motivator, they, in turn, wind up motivating themselves. It’s hard to keep an uncommon person down. With a little encouragement, they really do accomplish great things.

Look for the Big Lesson
When things go wrong, uncommon nonprofit fundraisers don’t assign blame. Instead, they try to understand the situation critically. They ask themselves, “What can I learn from this?” and “How will this affect me going forward?” By doing this, they are able to turn failures into opportunities for growth.

Do Things Your Way
Uncommon nonprofit fundraisers don’t worry about how other organizations are getting their work done or try to adjust their process to match everyone else’s. In fact, more often than not, these people are the ones who’ve worked out unique ways of getting the job done, which others later tend to adopt because they’re so effective.

Always Be Ready to Pivot
Having a plan is great, but every uncommon nonprofit fundraiser knows how to adapt to changing circumstances. When you’re able to show off this flexibility, those around you notice and appreciate your willingness to change. Especially if this shift involves looking outside the box for solutions.

Know People
Uncommon nonprofit fundraisers don’t stick to themselves. Instead, they get out there and meet people. While anyone can network, this person invests in relationships. That is why they always seem to know the right person at the right time. This doesn’t mean you need to make everyone your bestie. It does, however, mean getting to know people beyond their names and titles. Start by taking an interest and enjoying real conversations with people beyond “What do you do for a living?”

The takeaway here is that uncommon nonprofit fundraisers aren’t just chasing success by ticking items off a list. They’re finding it by taking an active interest in the world around them and in what they’re doing. By incorporating these six techniques into your nonprofit fundraising efforts, you’ll be able to build stronger relationships with your supporters, adapt to changing circumstances, and find success in the nonprofit world. So go ahead, be uncommon and see where it takes you!