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Your best time to post on social media might not be what you think it is

Hey there nonprofit pros! Are you trying to figure out the best time to post on social media? Well, you’re not alone.

But instead of posting randomly every day, slow down and listen to this: Data shows that Thursday is the sweet spot for posting content. Experts says it’s best to avoid posting on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) unless those are the days of your event. Thus it is indeed worth your effort to be strategic with your social media outreach posting schedule.

Now, look, we could have used a headline like one of these to lure you here:

“Mastering the Social Media Game: Best Times for Nonprofits to Post”

“Get Noticed on Social Media: Optimal Times for Nonprofit Posts

“Don’t Waste Your Time: When to Post for Maximum Impact on Social Media”

or even

“Timing is Everything: How to Reach More Donors on Social Media”

But we didn’t want to do that. What we do want to do, though, is to let you know this simple fact: Your donors’ peak time on social media is the best time to increase engagement and get more potential donors on board.

Yes, we know, that’s easier said than done, figuring that out by yourself. You’ve got to ask your current tribe what works best for them and then guesstimate.

It’s not an exact science. But this bit of advice is simply common sense:

Every time you do post on social media, make sure you’ve added in a link to your fundraising event on your website to drive more potential donors to view what you are doing via your site.

Oh? Your website stinks? Well, read this about mistakes your website might be making when new visitors stop by….

In any event, here’s some good news for you: engaging with your followers on social media usually leads to them taking action! So the effort to do social media right is worth learning how to do it well.

It’s been reported that over half of the people who engage with nonprofits on social media wind up donating money or volunteering their time and talents.

Social media is free to use — or abuse — and that’s only part of why it’s still a very powerful tool for nonprofits that are seeking connections in their local community.

Here’s the secret sauce: By posting at the right times and targeting your audience, you can make your organization more visible and effective. So, keep on posting, engage with your followers when it’s convenient for them, make it easy for them to connect with you, and watch your nonprofit grow!

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